Sustainable Gardening 4 Simple Steps

by Ella Andrews

What is sustainable gardening and why is it important to you and the environment. Learn how  to create a beautiful garden by using this method that will bring benefit to both you and the environment.

You might think that your backyard is the last thing that can have a negative impact on the surroundings. You are both right and wrong. Your garden in general constitutes no threat to the environment, but the methods you use do.

To fully grasp the importance of sustainable gardening, you need to understand the current global situation in terms of resources and climate change. The production, of pesticide and fertilizers, involve a lot of work. These processes result in an enormous release of carbon emissions, which contributes to the global warming. The commercial products that you use in your everyday gardening contain chemicals that eventually contaminate the soil and the water. The shortage of vital resources such as clear water is also an issue on a global scale. The reckless watering practices employed by a lot of households waste this precious resource.

On the other hand, sustainable gardening techniques reduce the water consumption and abolish the need for hazardous pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. This makes the sustainable gardening the more affordable alternative. The best thing about eco-friendly gardening is that you will get safe and organic food while preserving the air and water.

Grow Local Plants

Select plants that are typical for the specific region. Hybrid and non-native plants are more prone to disease in a wrong environment. One major disadvantage of non-native plants is they may attract pests that native plants have no defense system to fight them off. By choosing local plants for your garden, you will improve the existing ecosystem while using fewer resources.

Natural Weed Control

There is different gardening methods that focus on sustainability. Some involve digging practices and some don't. The common thing between all of them is the use of mulch. There are several benefits to using it, as it protects the soil from the weather conditions and preserves moisture while enriching the land with nutrients. A great benefit of using mulch is it can prevent weed growth and will eliminate the need for pesticides.  Mulch may include organic materials like leaves, grass clippings, shredded barks and other natural waste from your garden.

Make Your Own Compost

It's time to replace the synthetic fertilizers with all-natural compost. You can use the leftovers from your kitchen but don't include any leftover meat or poultry. Organic ingredients such as fruit and vegetable scraps or egg shells can also improve the condition of your soil while reducing waste.

Let Nature Deal with Your Problems

Insects are a nightmare for any gardener. In some cases, even the pesticides are not completely effective. A sustainable method offers a solution that is less time-consuming and tiring. Fight these nasty garden pests by inviting their natural predators in your garden. Such as lady bugs, lacewing flies, and praying mantids to name a few.

Sustainable gardening provides methods that will not only help you maintain your garden while preserving the environment, but also keep your plants healthy and strong. 

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