Something Different

Something Different" is a departure from my vegetable gardening articles and became a thought to publish on my vegetable gardening site. Why? Because if you have a passion about something or anything you would love to help others get involved in, (in my case gardening for beginners), here's how I went about it.

Vegetable Gardening is My Passion

I always had a love for gardening, especially vegetable gardening and spending more time in my garden when I retired was my dream. Both a heart attack and my retirement year came at the same time and I knew the extra exercise puttering about in the garden was good for my heart. I got to do my dream hobby and also get exercise. Now that's a win-win.

Something Different

After several years puttering in the garden, my wife suggested why not teach what you know about vegetable gardening to beginner gardeners at a community college. She said, "They offer all kinds of night courses to people in the community who are interested in hobbies and crafts."

Well, I thought for a moment about this idea but as I like to get up with the roosters, that rules out teaching night-time classes. But the idea about teaching vegetable gardening to beginner gardeners got me thinking. So why not come up with something different than teaching an adult course at a community college.

As sure as the sun comes up every morning, so does the winter season appear like clockwork, and whether I like it or not, there's not much work to do in my garden. Yep! House bound until spring finally arrives.

Something Different Takes Shape

One day while roaming around on the Internet looking at this and that, it struck me, I bet there are a lot of gardeners on the Internet doing the same as me and if so, I bet there are also people who would like to grow vegetables but don't know that much about vegetable gardening. An idea occurred to me, "Why not build a website and teach beginner gardeners how to grow vegetables?"

I thought this was a good idea until a good dose of reality hit me. I realized I needed a brain far more knowledgeable than mine to build a website.

Well, I scratched that idea, but as the winter months seemed to be getting longer and I was getting increasingly bored, the idea to build a website was still on my mind. It also became apparent to me that I either had to forget about my idea or find out more about how to create a website.

Then I had a light bulb moment, my next door neighbor worked at something to do with computers. Maybe he might know how to build a website, and so I gave him a call. I explained to him what I wanted to do and he said, "There are plenty of places on the Internet you can sign up for free and get a basic template already made up." He continued by saying, "You just fill in the template with what you want to say and they will post it on the Internet." I replied to my neighbor that I didn't have the foggiest idea how to go about doing that and he said, "You buy the pizza and I'll help you get started."

The Following Sunday

With his help, we did manage to get a website of sorts up the next Sunday, and suddenly here I was thumping out one article after another on vegetable gardening. Wow! what a solution to my dreary winter days. But as I found out a a short while later, my solution to winter boredom was only partly solved. Yes, working on that little website did allow me to do something different and occupy my time, but my site just wasn't getting to very many people. And this was especially true for beginner gardeners. My web site was competing with literally millions and millions of other more experienced websites for audience attention and mine was well, "like a boat without a rudder lost in a sea of web sites."

I mentioned this to my neighbor and he said, "the problem you're having is the Internet audience don't know you're there." He also said, "There are many companies advertising on the Internet how they can help you reach lots of people if you sign up with them and of course pay them money. He continued, "Most of these websites offer you the moon but it won't take you long to realize it's pretty much promises with no substance."

This was not what I wanted to hear, but a good dose of reality would at least save my pocket book.

My Next Door Neighbor Came Through

Well so much about doing something different I thought, but about a week later my neighbor dropped by and said he mentioned my problem and what I wanted to do to a friend at work who told him his son has a website about how to grow a great lawn. My neighbor's co-worker said his son is really happy with the amount of people going to his website for tips and information on growing a healthy lawn. My neighbor also thought I would be interested in knowing more, and suggested I call him. I did, and as they say, "the rest is history."

That Was Then This is Now

That phone call was many years ago, and I'm happy to say my website has a growing web audience. Well, you're one of them because here you are.

I take pride in posting information on vegetable gardening to beginner gardeners of which many have contacted me to say my articles really helped them with their garden. Although I must admit, I'm a little slow in getting an article or two up on my site during gardening season. But when winter comes around you'll find me here on my website thumping out as many articles on vegetable gardening as time permits.

Just a Little Food for Thought

Maybe you're like me and have a hobby with knowledge and experience you would like to pass on to others. Perhaps it's how to do masonry, knitting, crochet, pottery, car repairs, making clothing, wedding arrangements, and on and on. There are all types of hobbies and crafts, people are interested in but for whatever the reason haven't figured out how to go about it on their own. That's where you come in with your experience and know-how. Be it from the type of work you do or did, or perhaps a hobby that's your passion.

You may not realize it, but there are thousands of people who would love to lean what you know. This is evident by the many community colleges and schools offering adult education courses on a variety of hobbies and craft courses. That was really true for me when my wife suggested teaching a course on vegetable gardening. I came up with something different to my wife's idea by building my own website about vegetable gardening.

If you have an interest and a passion about something, you can bet there are many folks who also share your interest.

What I can tell you about my website is that I have received many e-mails from beginner gardeners thanking me for having my site. They continue by saying, "Thank you for the information your site offers to help me figure out where I went wrong."

Others said, "I gave vegetable gardening one more try and with your help I am happy to say my tomato garden was a success." Or, I love picking my own tomatoes from my garden. Thank you for been there."

Now that's got to make anyone feel good, it did for me. This could be you receiving these e-mails but about your website.

If you would like to try something different by passing on your experience and passion about what you know and love to others, then follow my lead by contacting "Site Build It." They will take you by the hand step by step to develop your very own website.

This Company Is Something Different

I don't recommend much and never do unless I try it first. I can honestly say unlike most website providers, "Site Build It" is the only company I strongly recommend to help you create your own website.

I have been with them now for many years with my site "" I have found them to be honest, reliable, and they take you by the hand step-by-step along the way to develop your own site.

As I said earlier, I knew nothing about putting up a website, but they explained in an easy to understand way what to do and how to go about it. And believe me, when it comes to computers or even putting up a website, I believe my brain has more garden dirt in it than grey matter. But never the less, "Site Build It" got me going until I finally got the hang of it. They adopt the attitude "Rome wasn't built in a day." Well I got there and so did hundreds of other people with no website experience.

For me, doing something different by building my own website would not have happened without "Site Build Its" help.

Take a moment and read what "Site Build It" has to offer and how it can benefit you.

I'm also here for you if you have any questions about "Solo Build It"or how they helped me.

Just drop me a line or two from our "Contact Us" page with your question about this article on something different and  I will be happy to get back to you with an answer to your question. I'm quite happy to do this, because that's how strong I feel about this company.

Happy Gardening

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