Five Easy Garden Makeover Ideas

by Ella Andrews 

When designing a garden, it doesn’t mean that it will stay this way forever. Your garden like everything else in life is subject to change. As garden vegetation matures, trees grow taller and bushes outgrow their original spot. Your children grow into adulthood and you discover you no longer need a playground in your backyard that was once so popular not too long ago. As times change so does your garden, and you’ll be surprised how a few minor adjustments will improve your gardens appearance and cut down on care and maintenance. Give your garden a complete makeover with a couple of small modifications. 

Garden Clearance

Before adding new items to your garden, you first need to get rid of unnecessary clutter. Remember the playground your kids used when they were young, now that it is of no further use, this may be the time to have it removed by a professional clearance service. 

Focus on the Details

People usually prefer to look at the whole picture and the finished look of their garden. Although there is no right or wrong strategy, it’s easier to start with small improvements.  A good place to begin is with the visual look of your garden space. How does your lawn look, does it need to be mowed or weeded, or fertilized? And, how about your flower beds, do they need to be spruced up? 

Spot the Problems

Now that you took a closer look at the garden and made the necessary improvements, it’s time to step back to a distance where you can survey your garden with a glance. If anything odd stands out, now is the time to fix or remove it.


Don’t underestimate the importance of mulch. Nothing can make a garden look  well–kept, than a layer of wood chips and grass clippings. 

Define Your Garden

Adding different details to your garden will give character to your garden space. It can be anything from antique pots and fountains to Japanese stones and garden statutes. 

Think of the style of your home and landscape. You can even invest in a gazebo, a swing, a hammock, or perhaps a small relaxing area. Strive for eye – pleasing and a functional environment.

I hope you enjoyed this article on garden makeover ideas. More garden clearance and maintenance information can be found at garden waste removal in Wimbledon

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