Growing a Successful Vegetable Garden

There is no mystery you need to know to grow a great vegetable garden. - Earth Day HP Image

Do I hear some of you saying you couldn't even grow a weed! Well I'm glad you doubters dropped by.

If you're new to gardening and this is your first veggie garden, we will help you avoid the common mistakes made by most beginner gardeners.

If you gave gardening a try at least once before with little success don't give up!

I know you guys and gals still have an interest in gardening because you landed on our website.

It is our mission to help all of you grow a successful crop of healthy vegetables that you will enjoy come harvest time.

For the "green thumb" gardeners, there is little I can tell you that you already don't know about the joy and reward you receive while tending to a great garden of healthy crops. And of course, there's harvest time. As any experienced gardener knows, it can't get better than that.

We do however; invite all you experienced gardeners to jump in with your tidbit of advice for our gardening first-timers. There is an area on our site (see our links on left hand side of page) where you can click on "Submit an Article" to contribute your gardening experience.

Ok! Let's get the ball rolling by giving you a mini overview of just a bit on what we will cover on our site.

  • Planning Your Garden- What are you going to grow...and where? 
  • Fertilizing Your Garden- What type of fertilizer you should use.
  • Growing Tomatoes- Learn what type of tomato to plant and what you should do to produce a successful crop. 
  • Vertical Gardening- A solution to growing vegetables if you have limited space 
  • Make Your Own Compost- You won't regret it. Learn why.
  • Garden Pests- What to do about these pesky critters and how to get rid of them.
  • Raised Bed Garden- If you have trouble bending over to plant a traditional garden, a raised bed garden may solve this problem. 
  • Controlling Weeds- We all know they pop up everywhere. Learn how to get rid of them in your vegetable garden.
  • Organic Gardening- Learn how to grow vegetables the organic way to keep you and your family safe from harmful pesticides that find there way into your vegetables.

    And... Lots lots more.

    Because it soon will be vegetable planting time, now is the time to start growing seeds for planting when the time is right.

    Remember, vegetable gardening is rewarding, enjoyable, and your whole family can join in. Plus you get to eat "the fruit of your labor." What other hobby can say that?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of vegetable gardening.

    Here is an FYI

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Growing Houseplants for The Beginner Enthusiast

I would appreciate it if when you finish the book, you take a minute or two and give your honest review.

I do hope you find it informative.

As always,

Happy Gardening

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