Gardening with kids: the best fruits and vegetables to plant

by Sophie Clayton
(London, United Kingdom)

If you are a fan of gardening, perhaps you should consider sharing this hobby of yours with the other members of your family, and more precisely with your children. What better way to spend a little time together and also teach the little ones some new useful skills. Your kids will enjoy taking care of different plants the same way you enjoy it now. This may seem like a simple hobby, but the truth is that it can teach your little ones to be more responsible, organised and focused. The best thing about this method is that you can grow organic food like fruits and vegetables together. The shops mostly offer artificial products, filled with chemicals that could be very dangerous for the human health. That’s all the more reason why you should start growing your own organic food at home with the help of the other members of your family.

The sooner you get your kids involved into the planting and growing of fruits and vegetables, the better. It will take time to develop their skills but it will be all worth it when they see the results of their work. You can start with something simple, so that your little ones don't feel confused. You can show them everything in advance, starting with the garden and the tools that you are going to use. Later in the process you can also tell them about the special things like cleaning, watering and others, for which you will take care together.

When the time comes to plant the seeds with your kids, the first step is to prepare the area. You have to clean your garden from all weeds, stones and branches. In case it's raining, make sure that you wait a couple of days with the cleaning. Gardening cleaning services are saying that the best way to check if the time is right is to see whether the soil is dry or not. In case it is, then it is time to start with the planting. Here are several kinds of fruits and vegetables you can easily grow with your kids:

Carrots - The carrots are easy to grow and plant, and don't require a lot of cares. Another advantage is that most children love them, so you won't have to worry that yours may refuse to take care of them. Spring is the best time to sow the seeds, especially March and April. This way your carrots will be ready for the summer.

Strawberries – Everyone loves strawberries, especially the kids. That's why it will be very interesting for your little ones to grow them. They can be planted in pretty much every part of your garden, as they don't have very special needs. Your kids will enjoy eating them too because they will be so much sweeter than the artificial ones offered in the shops.

Courgette – The courgettes can be planted early in the spring as well and after about 10 weeks you will be able to enjoy the products of your hard work. The seeds are large, so it will be easy for your children to plant them.

You will see that including your kids in the gardening process will be a great idea. This will give you the chance to create something together while you also have some fun as a family. For your children will be certainly useful to learn to grow different kinds of fruits and vegetables, and perhaps in the future they will decide to turn the gardening into their hobby as well. There is really no downside to this idea, so don't hesitate any more. Call your kids and start making plans.

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