Five Benefits of Organic Gardening

In case you have been living in a cave for the last decade, you probably heard about organic gardening. The practice gained huge popularity, especially when more and more people became conscious about what they put on their table. Wondering what the fuss is about?  Check these quick facts that will change your idea about organic gardening.

You Know Exactly What You Eat

The best thing about this type of gardening is that you have full control over pesticide usage. You grow it yourself, so you have the freedom to do it your way. From the seed to the ripe vegetable or fruit, you use only eco–friendly methods and ingredients. This makes your food healthy for you and the environment. If this is not enough of an argument, you will notice 

Your Food Will Taste Better

This is not a huge surprise. After all, the fruits and vegetables plucked directly from the garden will be fresher than the ones in the Supermarket, because most of these vegetables you buy travelled thousands of miles before reaching their destination. When the vegetables and fruits are picked from the parent plant, their nutritious qualities begin to degrade immediately. But, when you grow your own food you treat your plants with special care and attention. The result is tasty and healthy food.

You Will Save Money

When designed and maintained efficiently, your garden will save you a lot of money. Sustainability is in the core of organic gardening. The methods, techniques and materials involved in the process aim to decrease the need for watering and volatile pesticide. It is mainly achieved by planting local species that are less prone to disease and adapt to the specific climate. Furthermore, you don’t need to purchase mulch and fertilizers as you can make it yourself. Simply use the kitchen scraps (but no meat or poultry), grass clipping and dry leaves. Well designed gardening can also decrease your dollar spending. For example, planting your vegetables near a tree will cast a shade minimizing the need for cooling during the hot summer.  On the other hand, in late fall it will prevent the cold winds from damaging your fall crop. 

Reducing Chemical Exposure

Organic gardening eliminates the need for any poisonous substances. But how can you manage the pests and weeds? The answer is simple – let nature deal with it. Use the pests’ natural predators

Spending Time Outdoors

Our life is usually divided between the office and our home, and you probably don’t get enough fresh air and sunlight, organic gardening is a great excuse to get outside to tend your garden and an added bonus you will get some exercise. 

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